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Meet Our Board of Directors

We are here to provide you and your family with the best Little League Baseball experience possible! We are proud to bring you a group of highly accomplished Board Members. Read the bios below to learn more about your volunteers and other leaders in our community.  

You may contact the entire Board of Directors ([email protected]) or individually, as follows...

Jason Wetherford


Email: [email protected]


About Jason:  

Tony Hernandez

Vice President of Baseball Operations

Email: [email protected]

About Tony: We are fortunate to have Tony on the Board of DCLL.  He came to us via his grandson, Brody, a player in our league.

Tony Hernandez has worked in the Fire Service and Emergency Management for over 33 years.
His Little League experience includes playing 4 years at Azusa National LL and served as a Board Member at Alta Loma LL for 5 years in the 90’s. He also coached and managed at Vineyard LL and Claremont American LL.

He started his fire career as a wildland firefighter with the US Forest Service on both the San Bernardino and Angeles National Forests. He also served as a Reserve Firefighter for the City of Montclair.

In 1989, he accepted a position with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, now known as Cal Fire. With CDF and Cal Fire, he worked in the Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Units in a variety of positions. 

Along with wildland and structural fire protection assignments as a fire station manager, he was assigned to Emergency Command Center operations, the Conservation Camp program supervising hand crews and served two separate stints in the Training Division where he retired from the San Diego Unit as a Captain in 2013.

After retiring from Cal Fire, Tony accepted a position with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He was the Logistics Section Chief for one of only 2 National Incident Management Assistance Teams in the U.S. from 2013 to 2015. These teams responded to a variety of emergency incidents across the U.S. 

He and his wife Sandra live in Riverside where they care for a variety of animals and pets including horses, dogs, cats, cockatiels, doves, turtles, ducks, peacocks, chickens and a pot bellied pig.

He has two adult children, Angie and Jeff.

His daughter Angie and husband Derek live in Alta Loma and have three children. Leila age 13, Brody age 9 and Hazel who turns 2 in November 2019.
Angie works in Commercial Real Estate in Rancho Cucamonga.

His son Jeff and his wife Monica reside in Clovis, CA and have 2 small daughters, Adrienne and Kelsey ages 5 and 3.
Jeff works as a US Coast Guard Recruiter in Fresno.

Shelly Smith


Email:  [email protected]

About Shelly: I am a passionate volunteer for Deer Canyon Little League.  Serving on the board for my 3rd season, previously as Information Officer (2017) and Player Agent (2018).  I love our DC community and sharing memories with my neighbors on the field.  My goal is to foster a strong community on and off the diamond.

My son, Wayne, has been in the league for 4 seasons.  My daughter, Roxann (a.k.a. Roxy) played 1 season in T-ball and is contemplating returning this Spring.  In addition, I've been spending my weekends at DCLL games for the better part of the last 10 years watching my nephews play ball, Cole & Troy Seanoa.  

This league means more to me than just a youth sports program.  The families of DC showered my family with so much love and support while my sister battled cancer.  Cassy made sure not to miss a game while she was undergoing chemo...she called it her Baseball Therapy. I am forever indebted to the League. 

A little about me...I spent 4 years of my childhood attending schools in Etiwanda School District.  Left in 1993 as an adolescent to Las Vegas for 20 years.  I met my amazing husband, Tim, in 2004 and we married in 2006.  We've been fulfilling our dreams ever since.  One of which, was a company relocation to move to Rancho in 2013 to live near my family. We are forever working on many more life goals together.

I spent most of my adult life working in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas.  Mostly at Caesars Palace, then opening The Cosmopolitan.  My forte was VIP.  I ran the VIP ticketed events for the entire Caesars corporation.  At The Cosmopolitan, I managed VIP Services, VIP Registration, VIP Concierge, and Resort Services Operations.  Now, with my plethora of experience, I was able to land a job, working at home for a software company, supporting Applicant Tracking Software for Symphony Talent...I was previously a user of the system.  I've been in this role since 2013.

If I haven't already, I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you someday.  Please introduce yourself.

Laura Bell-Nixon


Email: [email protected]


About Laura:  I am the newly appointed Treasurer for Deer Canyon Little League. I am of Panamanian an American descent. I went to a Azusa Pacific University and obtained a masters in education. I am currently a math teacher at a local high school, where I teach finance to seniors. I am married, with one child.

Since assuming my new role, I've implemented measurements to compartmentalize spending and create absolute control over the funds throughout the league. This allocation of categories will clearly define our spending and show us where we can make changes as well as savings when it comes to league finances.

Jessica Bordes-Zayas

Player Agent

Email:[email protected]


About Jessica:  

Chris Sharp

Safety Officer

Email: [email protected]


About Chris:  

Kenyon Humphrey

Umpire In Chief

Email: [email protected]


About Kenyon:  

Lauren Pahissa

Ways & Means / Fundraising

Email: [email protected]


About Lauren:  

Kelly Humphrey

Uniform Coordinator

Email: [email protected]


About Kelly:  

Sandy Woodard

Official Scorekeeper & Director TBall Division

Email: [email protected]


About Sandy:  

Kari Camp

Team Parent Coordinator

Email: [email protected]


About Kari:  

Tim McCullough

Information Officer

Email: [email protected]


About Tim:  

Jesus Ochoa

Director Rookie Division

Email:[email protected]

About Jesus: Hi everyone my name is Jesus Ochoa the Director of the Rookies Division. I have been with the league now for about 4 years and this is my first year on the board. I currently have two boys playing in the league and will have my youngest join his two older brothers in the league this upcoming spring. Over our time with DCLL my family and I have enjoyed all the bonds we have created with the other DCLL families. Its a tight nit community that has one goal in mind which is making our kids successful in school and in baseball. I love the game of baseball and as a manager/board member my goal is to continue the culture of educating our young boys and girls on how to play the sport. I have managed 2 fall teams as well as 2 spring teams with DCLL and being with the league as long as we have its fun seeing these kids grow up right in front of our eyes. I look forward to a fun year with plenty of good baseball and enjoyable moments with our DCLL friends and families. I am super approachable so feel free to ask me any little league or baseball questions you may have. GO DODGERS!


Rob Winkelman

Director Minor Division

Email: [email protected]


About Rob:  


Director Major Division

Email: TBD


About VACANT:  

Rudy Maldonado

Director Upper Divisions

Email: [email protected]


About Rudy:  

Gabe Lara

Equipment Coordinator

Email: [email protected]


About Gabe:  

Keithen Humphrey

Feilds & Maintenance

Email: [email protected]


About Keithen:  

Jaime Winkelman

Snack Bar Coordinator


About Jaime:

Melissa McCauley

Sponsorship Coordinator

Email: [email protected]


About Melissa:  

Anil Kaushal

Business Manager

Email: [email protected]


About Anil:  

Board Members

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